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Pets Stains and Urine Removal

Pet Odour and Stain Remover

Does your carpet smell like urine?

Love your pet but tired of living with the bad smell?

Considering replacing your carpet?

Almost every home in Australia has several rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting that is not only soft but very comfortable. It has a nice contrast to tile and hardwood flooring both in terms of feel and aesthetics.

 Unfortunately, our four-legged furry loved ones also love carpet very much. To them, the soft carpet fibres can resemble the natural outdoors with grass. Animals often look at carpet as the next best alternative to the real outdoors. Although it is not intentional, accidents do happen from time to time  The big question an even bigger challenge is how to properly remove urine odour from the carpet?

Professional Carpet Cleaner
As the Melbourn’s most trusted  commercial carpet cleaning business we are called upon from time to time to deal with strong odour and hidden dogs and cats urine stains on the carpet, rug, couch or any upholstery of the house.

Most cleaning companies claims a miracle stain and odour remover procedure and products that they apply to the affected area and let set. They pitched the customer on the ease of elimination of the urine odour by saying this miracle product and procedure will work and nothing else is needed.

 Although this is a great theory, the reality is usually a much different story. What most professional carpet cleaning companies utilize in order to get paid and get out the door are called encapsulation. 

This is a fancy word for masking chemicals. What that means, is they let the chemicals cover-up or mask the smell just long enough they can cash the check and move on to the next customer. Many professional carpet cleaning companies utilize this type of technology and then do a light cleaning afterwards that will remove the stain, but the odour will return.


The Dirt Fighter’s Difference:-
At Dirt Fighter, we only use a proper and effective procedure and products like active enzymes to remove urine odour from carpets, rugs, couch and any upholstery.
The enzymes attack the urine crystals which are basically proteins, and break them down into the very basic molecules that can then be easily extracted. 

These enzymes are all natural and completely safe to use around your family, home, and pets. 

Cleaning up urine is not a fun process by any means, but due to modern-day technology and incredible breakthrough products. This process is no longer the challenge that it used to be.

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